Tuesday and Thursday

Next session: 2023

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At the Don Quixote Spanish School, we offer you an intensive and easy Spanish course before your trip to Latin America or Spain which will transform your vacation into a memorable experience. Speaking Spanish will make a tremendous difference!

Our course “Spanish for traveling” begins the first week of each month. It is a method very interactive which will allow you to acquire knowledge such as the usual expressions, familiar language, numbers, holding a simple conversation, negotiating, ordering in a restaurant, and in many other subjects.

If you which to continue classes after the first month, other levels of Spanish for traveling are also available, they are all focused on the travels and tourism and who will give you the language tools necessary to communicate with the local population and even be your own guide for your travels in the Latin countries and Spain.

However, if you want to learn Spanish for any purpose other than travel, we advise you to subscribe to our regular courses.

Number of hours per session: 16

Number of weeks: 4 

Our price: $195 tx

Registration price: 20$ (ONCE)

School supplies: 25$