Language immersion in Cuba

The Spanish school «Don Quixote», in partnership with Cuba’s Ministry of culture and l’Academia Cienfuegos, organize language study vacations that allow you travel and learn Spanish by other means.

Lodged in a hotel by the Caribbean Sea (Faro Luna hotel), L’Academia Cienfuegos offers the students the opportunity to experience an unforgettable language study vacation, cultural and social activities and free time to discover a country and its culture. A paradise suitable for relaxation and rest in a language school accredited by the ministry of Cuban culture; a perfect cocktail to make a memorable experience out of this language immersion destination.

Located near the beautiful city of Cienfuegos in the South Center of the biggest island of the Caribbean, l’Academia Cienfuegos is located in a charming hotel that blends in with the ocean and bucolic surroundings. Nearby, the Playa Rancho Luna has the appearance of a little village and offers you a lovely beach within a five-minute walk from the hotel. It is a beautiful area of the country where the mango orchards spread out of sight, and where goats from the farms alongside pastures graze freely and escape to the streets… And people?… Warm and friendly. From the teachers who accompany you in all the activities, to the patient hotel employees who are always up for discussion, the artists who are eager to exchange, the young art school students who share their knowledge, and to all the others that will cross your path.

A tailor-made language study vacation. For further information, call us.


*Language study vacations also available in Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador

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