To learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is a really unique experience from which a new vision of life will come into existence. The Spanish language school «Don Quixote» organises two guided language immersion programmes per year in Latin American countries and Spain. These programmes will offer a personalized learning of the Spanish language through an intensive cultural immersion.

We are delighted to join you in this unforgettable journey. You will live an exciting experience that will have a profound impact on your vision of the world.

Join us and you will be part of the next group to enjoy the next linguistic immersion programme in June 2024.

Nevertheless, if you cannot wait until January, we could help you organize your linguistic immersion programme by contacting one of our collaborators either in the Latin American country of your choice or Spain.

For more information about the next trip to Spain or any other trip, please contact Serge Samson, development agent at our school:

Looking foward to meeting you!