Courses via Skype

Take Spanish courses online via Skype with Don Quixote is as simple as to connect yourself to the Internet. You learn Spanish and you can benefit of this advantage while remaining in the comfort of your own home and according to the schedule that suits you better. As these are individual courses, you will follow a fully personalized program, and you will thus have the freedom to choose your teacher, and schedule your lessons as well as program your sessions in order to better adapt them to your availability.

The objective of the lessons via Skype is substantially the same as that of our individual classes and their content is, for the most part, almost identical. You can even ask us to help you prepare a Spanish exam, a presentation or an interview.

PRICE: 350 $ + Taxes

This includes:

  • A period of 10 hours of courses.
  • All the materials necessary to the achievement of the course.
  • In addition, a learning plan personalized to your needs.

* INSCRIPTION: You must automatically register yourself before starting your Spanish course on Spike. If you are unable to come to our school, your registration can be made by email or phone. In this case, plan to send us a check by mail a few days in advance.

* Be ready to provide us with your Skype pseudonym when you register.

Please contact us for more information!