DELE Preparation COurses

Don Quichotte, in partnership with Ail Madrid, a Spanish school offers training classes so you can pass the DELE exam from the most prestigious institution in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, the Cervantes Institute.

Accrediting your level of proficiency, DELE is the most recognized diploma worldwide.

This courses are only via Skype. The teacher himself, a DELE assessor will provide you with specific techniques so you can improve your skills to succeed the DELE exam.

In order to start preparing for this assessment, a level test is strongly recommended. You can always give us a call and book an appointment. It’s completely free!

Private courses

  • Sessions of 10 hours
  • Classes via Skype (from the comfort of your homme or at our school)
  • Flexible hours (6h am to 4h pm)
  • Price: 460 (taxes included)