The number of companies from Canada and Quebec expanding operations to Spanish- speaking countries increases every year. Due to the saturation of the local markets, North American entrepreneurs find more and more business alternatives in Latin America. On the other hand, the number of persons with Latin American origin that integrate the labor market in Montreal and Quebec in general is increasing. You can turn to multiple solutions to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers, but how many among them are really adapted to the everyday reality of your company? How many among them have been created even before your problem?

Don Quixote offers you a complete, customized, flexible, professional service and above all, adapted to your real needs. Whether it is at work or in our school, this course will allow you to obtain the necessary tools to communicate in Spanish while doing business and in the law word.

A vast variaty of material is presented to you such as publicity, financial newspapers, etc, taking into consideration the vocabulary ans the structure required so you can actually communicate with your colleagues and clients. You will also receive a list of specific business vocabulary and different brochures aproaching the economic situation in Spain as well as in Latin-America.

Make us part of your solution and we will give you a made to measure answer!